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Low-Pressure Sewer Systems

Fastener ProductE/One Sewer Systems manufactures low pressure collection systems that follow the contour of the land to provide a less invasive and more cost-effective sewer solution for residential installatons. The E/One system uses small-diameter pipes and grinder pumps to move sewage where conventional gravity sewer systems either cannot be installed or are too expensive a solution.

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Hydrogen-Cooled Generator Control and Monitoring Systems

Fastener ProductE/One Utility Systems manufactures monitoring and control systems for hydrogen cooled generators. E/One’s products and services cover critical gas monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, and peripheral auxiliaries associated with generator gas cooling and seal oil systems. More than 3,000 E/One systems are used by electric utilities and independent power producers to increase efficiency, improve maintenance practices, and avoid costly disruption to operations.

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Pulp and Paper Industry Refiner Plates and Screen Cylinders

Engineered Product ImageJ&L is a foundry that produces high-quality, complete-to-print alloy components for high temperature, wear, and corrosion environments. J&L‘s refiner plate business is focused on the design and manufacture of refiner plates for the pulp and paper industry with the goal of helping our customers optimize their refining processes. J&L designs and manufactures refiner plates for the pulp and paper industry for improved fiber quality, lower energy cost, lower production costs, and increased throughput.

The Precision Casting business unit supplies parts to industries such as mining, agriculture, valves, and heavy industry. J&L produces castings with a wide selection of alloys and the casting knowledge to provide our customer with a high quality casting and a great value.

You can count on J&L to provide exceptional customer service and the quality components you deserve – at a better value than what you have come to expect.

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Precision Tools Used to Manufacture Fasteners and Special-Formed Parts

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Precision Tool Group is a leading supplier of metal working tools for fastener and special formed parts manufacturing. We offer a complete range of tools to cover a broad range of applications in the aerospace, automotive and general industrial market sectors. Key products include thread roll dies, punches and pins, header dies, trim dies, and medical burrs. Operating on three continents, our focused operations and service centers provide our customers with extended life tools that minimize tool ownership costs and production down time.

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