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Locking and Support Systems

Mechanical HardwareFastener Products offers both application specific and vendor standard solutions to a wide range of aircraft locking and support requirements. Our array of aircraft structural and interior products includes latches and keeper assemblies, struts and rods, and Ball-Lok® quick release pins.

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Fluid Fittings and Connectors

Mechanical HardwareWe manufacture inch and metric fluid fittings using externally swaged, internally swaged, beam seal, flared, and flareless designs. Products include a full range of AN/MS/NAS standards, OEM source controlled designs, and ring locked boss adapters and self-locking nuts for high vibration environments. In addition to standard connectors, Fastener Products offers two unique technologies for lower cost and weight systems – Make from Solid Technology® and FleXmate® expanded through-wall fittings.

Mechanical Hardware

Precision Machined Components

Mechanical HardwareFastener Products has extensive experience supplying both rotationally symmetrical and prismatic engine and structural components and subassemblies. We manufacture a variety of critical engine components from hard metals such as front bearing supports, parts for the low-pressure compressor, and turbine lock plates. Our landing gear components include stainless steel pins, locking rings, and other components for landing gear undercarriages.

Mechanical Hardware



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