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Hole Cold-Working and Fastening Systems

Fastener ProductFor more than 40 years, Fatigue Technology has been the leader in the science of hole cold expansion to induce beneficial residual stresses to improve the fatigue life and damage tolerance properties of holes and joints in metallic aircraft structures.  The cold expansion process has also been adapted for installation of bushings, fasteners, and fittings in metallic and composite structures to reduce manufacturing and maintenance flow-time and cost.

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Fastener ProductSPS Aerostructures is a vertically integrated operator of world-class, flexible manufacturing facilities both in domestic and in low-cost environments. We apply the same LEAN principles and jig-free assembly philosophy across our sites to economically produce a broad range of products for some of the most successful commercial and military aircraft programs in the industry. Our product portfolio includes complete wing rib and spar assemblies, leading-edge rib assemblies, trailing-edge spar assemblies, air intakes, stringers, corner details, spar angles, and brackets.

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