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The PCC Energy Group consists of industry leading brands: Wyman Gordon, Hackney Ladish, Special Metals Corporation, Western Australian Specialty Alloys, KLAD, and PCC Rollmet.  We are distinctive in our ability to provide a one-stop shop for all your metal and alloy needs, with a value chain spanning: melting and ingot, primary metal forming, finishing and machining, revert management, and distribution.

As the leading creator and producers of nickel based alloys, including INCONEL®, INCOLOY®, MONEL®, NIMONIC®, and many others, the PCC Energy Group can solve the challenges of the toughest environments.  Our world-class forging capabilities enable us to produce a wide array of products to meet the most critical applications.

Power Generation:

PCC Energy Group supplies materials and components for the core generation equipment within the nuclear, coal, gas, solar, and all other power generation applications.  These materials and components include: large ID controlled diameter piping, main steam piping, hot reheat piping, boiler and exchanger tubing, finned tubing, weld wire, bolts and forged blades, fittings and flanges, forgings, turbine castings, and valves bodies.  The PCC Energy Group is also leading the development of alloys needed for Advanced Ultra Supercritical plants.

Oil and Gas:

The PCC Energy Group is a leading supplier of nickel OCTG, mechanical tubing in nickel and other alloys, production and drilling riser specialty joints, co-extruded and hot wire GTAW weld overlay clad piping, specialty forgings, pressure-containing piping and fittings, weld wire and nickel alloys in a variety of hot and cold worked shapes, and induction bends.  Our alloy development coupled with our forging and unique cold draw capabilities enable us to service all of your high pressure corrosive environment metallic challenges.

Refining/Chemical Processing:

Our capabilities to supply heavy wall seamless piping, fittings, nickel alloy shapes, finned tubing, weld wire, hot wire GTAW cladding services, and clad components meet a broad range of needs in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries. PCC Energy Group supplies materials and components for a variety of process streams and applications including exchangers, furnaces, reactors, columns, vessels and boilers.  From refining to petrochemical plants, PCC Energy Group provides solutions for your most demanding needs.

General Industrial:

PCC Energy Group supplies nickel alloy shapes, weld wire and other materials to a wide range of organizations in the automotive, defense, aerospace, electronics, marine, medical and other industries.  PCC Energy Group will work with your business to maximize value in the delivery of high quality material solutions for your applications.

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