Precision Castparts Corp.

Airframe Markets and Products

  • Airframe Fasteners
    • High-Strength Bolts, Screws, and Nuts
    • Pin and Lockbolt Fastening Systems
    • Self-Retaining Bolts
    • Sleeved Fastening Systems
    • Expandable Diameter Fasteners
    • Plate and Channel Nuts
    • Barrel Nuts
    • Blind Rivets and Blind Bolts
    • Panel Fasteners
    • Sandwich Inserts
  • Engine Fasteners
    • High-Strength Bolts, Screws, and Nuts
    • Expandable Diameter Fasteners
    • Barrel Nuts
    • Studs and Inserts
    • Bearing Locknuts
  • Mechanical Hardware
    • Fluid Fittings and Boss Port Adapters
    • Latches and Keeper Assemblies
    • Struts and Hold Open Rods
    • Ball-Lok® Pins/Quick-Release Pins
    • Precision Machined Components
  • Structural Components
    • Aerostructure Details and Assemblies
      • Machined Parts (3, 4, and 5-Axis Prismatic and Longbed)
      • Sheet Metal Fabrications for Airframe and Engine OEM's
      • Engine Lock-plates and Bracketry
      • Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Assemblies
      • Wing Ribs and Spars
      • Fairings
      • Stringers, Corner Details, and Spar Angles
      • Structural Composites and Composite Assemblies
      • Door Assemblies
      • Control Rods, Cables, and Flight Control Assemblies
      • Kitting, Assembly, and Integration of Multiple Commodity Types
      • Air Intakes
      • Hydraulic Fittings
      • Tube Connectors
      • Welded Components
      • Other Assemblies Ranging in Size and Complexity
    • Hole Cold Working and Fastening Systems
  • Fastener and Fluid Fitting Installation Tools
  • Critical Fasteners for Aero Derivative Gas Turbine Assembly
    • Gas Producer and Power Turbine Disc Tie Bolts
    • Turbine Blade Retaining Rivets
    • Compressor Rotor Hub Studs
    • Engine Case Flange Bolts
    • Center-Turbine S/S Bolts
    • Turbine Disk Rim Seal Bolts
  • Monitoring and Control Systems for Hydrogen-Cooled Generators.
General Industrial
  • Fasteners for the Automotive, Class 8 Truck, and Heavy Equipment Markets
    • Blind Installed Studs and Inserts
    • Connecting Rod Bolts
    • Cylinder Head Bolts
    • Disk Brake Caliper Pins
    • Socket Head Cap Screws
    • MS/NAS Standard Bolts
  • Grinder Pumps and Components for Low Pressure Residential Sewer Systems
  • Refiner Plates and Screen Cylinders for Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Thread-Rolling and Trimming Dies for Fastener Production

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Company Quarterly Financials

Q1 FY16
Mar 30, 2015 - Jun 28, 2015
Sales $2,412M
Consolidated Segment
Operating Income
Margin % 25.7%
Earnings Per Share From Cont. Operations
Sales By Market 
General Industrial
& Other:
Number of Employees (approx., from cont. ops) 29,350
Number of Manufacturing Locations 157
Next Earnings Release Date:
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